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Updated: Sep 16, 2020

"Goals are about the results you want to achieve whereas systems are about the process that leads to achieving these results." Scott Adams. Cartoonist, Dilbert Comic. 

It happens most of the time that you fail in doing something which you decide to complete or something you planned. This is because you are about where you want to go but you don't know how to there. This condition arises due to a lack of a proper system. 

Goals are good for setting a direction of where you want to go but it is the system that makes you progress in that direction which would make you reach that goal.


In any sports/exams our goal is to finish at 1st position but we can't achieve it merely by looking to scoreboard/report card. Instead, we can surely finish at the 1st position if we improve our performance at least by 1% each day while practicing and this can be only done by making a proper system and then practicing it to a level of perfection.


If you make a system and improve by 1% in it each day then in the words of three times super bowl winner Bill Walsh,  "The score will take care of itself."

Remember, Winner and Losers both have the same goals, what separates them is only a system they follow. 

Besides having the same goals, a faulty/impractical system will lead you to become a loser and proper/practical systems will help you win.  

If you plan to finish one chapter in a day first think of how would you do that? Consider the following few things for instance.


➤ Do you have complete notes of that chapter?

➤ The place you are sitting in, would allow you to sit quietly for long hours?

➤ Did you have food that keeps you fresh and energetic? Ex: Take fruits, juices, fresh vegetables, coconut water, etc. Instead of heavy, highly cooked food like(Rice, Chapatti, oily vegetables, etc)  

Remember:- Your energy is the most important factor while studying as it is this which will allow you to study for long hours and that too without feeling lazy and lethargic.

➤ Are you sitting in proper posture?

While you rest your back against anything like a wall/chair, chances of you to feel sleepy and lazy are very high as it slows down your blood circulation which in turn makes you lazy.

It is because of this reason teachers make you sit straight.

➤ Do you keep watch in front and study as per it?

For each question you study, check how much time you took.

Use the Pomodoro Technique + Goldilock's principle. (For more information refer to the article on laziness)

Develop a Proper System ⇨ Practice hard ⇨ Become an Expert of System ⇨ Give Good Performance ⇨ Become a Champion. 


In the last 110 years, the British cycling team has never won even a single time. Their reputation was so bad that no cycle manufacturing company was ready to sell them their cycles. Companies used to think their brand image would be disgraced if the British cycling team use it.

After this what happened in history and especially life-changing lessons for all of us.

British cycling team worked on the principle of marginal gain which is a system of improvement that even we all can use and gain help effectively in whatever we do.

The principle of marginal gain simply states that first segregate/divide your whole system (of sports/training/studying) in a small section and then bring 1% improvement )marginal gain) in each section and then add a whole system.

In the case of the British cycling team, they applied alcohol on cycle tires to make tires rough and have more grip on the road, they used electrically heated shorts which maintain a temperature of thigh muscles, they did use clothes made from fibers that offer less air resistance.

The team did not stop improving only at a mechanical and technical level, they even called the surgeon who trained them to wash their hands properly so that athletes don't get sick by infections like the common cold and stop their training. They called on more doctors who trained them proper sleeping posture so that their muscles don't contract.

Like this, they did many improvements in each step of the system and within 5 years time team started dominating other teams.

In the 2008 Olympics, they won 60% gold medals in bike racing. after 4 years team made 9 Olympics

and 7 world records.

In short within 1o years British cycling team won 178 world championship and 66 Olympic medals

This is the power of making a system and then improving it by the principle of marginal gain.

Do it, as if they could create history with it, you at least can improve marginally. 


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