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Nepotism - What lies beneath, will shock you.

Unfortunate, but true!

No matter how much we love and respect Che Guevara and Bhagat Singh, we always want them to be born in the neighbor’s house. Because we don’t want our own loved ones to die like them. But if given a choice of rebirth, we all certainly would want to be born in bill gates home as his beneficiary children.

Isn’t it true that all of us appreciate any system when we can draw benefits from it and criticize the same when we are victimized by the same system?

For instance, let’s go back to 2016, You didn’t have black money, demonetization came and you felt it was a great initiative by the government but if you have had black money and demonetization was introduced, you would have criticized the same system saying that the government must take a practical decision and other things.

If we are honest enough and look at our selves, we realize that while doing something which involves finance or which is highly important to us, even we do tend to choose people from our own family or friend circle to work with.

Tell me one aspect of life where nepotism does not prevail?

It is not just that in politics or in any particular industry, people do give priority to somebody from their family and relatives in comparison to anybody outside of their comfort zone, This trend is everywhere.

Even the poorest man plans and leaves everything for his own children, and not for society.

My attempt is not to justify nepotism but you will have to agree that eventually, bill gates daughter will anyway take over Microsoft, and you can not accuse her of being bill gates daughter because he will pass on that advantage to her just like anybody of us would have done, given the same choice.

Tomorrow, if somebody builds 100 crores, 999 out of 1000 people will pass it to their own family only. Only an enlightened being may give it back to society and go, which perhaps is the case of 1 in millions.

Nepotism is a cultural defect, it breathes in every niche and corner of our society. It's we who glamourize it at places for ourselves and condemn it when others do practice it.

If we can not admit, then atleast we also must not deny that if we ourselves had been born in a sound family, we would have not raised our voice against nepotism.

I really wish there is nothing called entitlement, I really wish everything must be based on meritocracy, but the unfortunate truth of life is, there is entitlement.

Screaming foul about it won’t help us put it under the carpet.

Talent “will” find its way.

A lot of cricketers children wanted to be cricketers. But as an outsider, whether it was Kohli or dhoni they found their way right to the top.

Even A.R. Rahman says the Bollywood industry is avoiding me but could they stop him from winning the Oscar?

“You certainly get, what you deserve.”

What would have been the case if great peoples like Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Michael Jordan, Williams sisters, Shahrukh khan, etc played a victim of the system and not as the one whom they did play in real life?

Would they have inspired us the way they did and are still doing?

If you still feel nepotism can snatch your opportunity then read about Lionel Messi and many like him who out of all odds, built their position, and that too at the international level.

“If the sound of your talent gets down by the noise of nepotism then improve your talent and make it echo everywhere.”

Remember this, by any time being jealous or envious of what others are having, you are not helping yourself because you are programming your subconscious to believe that you lack what they have.

They have it, I don’t have it, is the essence of being envious and jealous. And on both counts, you are programming your subconscious to believe I lack it.

Basis of jealousy and being envious stems from thinking of “they have it and I don’t have it.”

It will not change anything in their life, but it will certainly make you a victim of your own thoughts. And in many cases, the same way of thinking is leading one to severe depression.

“ Like begets like.”

So as long as I keep programming myself saying that I don’t have it, I lack it then that is what you are going to draw into your life. You will attract more lack, more deprivation and more missed opportunities.

Rather one should think I am grateful, I feel blessed and I celebrate what I have.

Rumi — ‘Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.’

There was a young man who was driving his Mercedez Benz and through the window, he could see a boy who was standing there absolutely in awe of having seen the Mercedez Benz.

The man stops the car, opens the window, and asks the boy “you want me to give you a ride?”

The boy ran towards the window and said “Would you mind if I also bring my brother along?”

“Get him along”, said the man.

So the boy ran, picked up his kid brother came sat and they went on a ride.

When it seemed they have picked a constant pace, the man who was driving the car said “For my last birthday my brother gifted me this and I am just enjoying my brother’s gift.”

A lot of casual conversations happened between the two and finally, when the car stopped, the one who was driving the car told the boy “I know what you are thinking, you wish you too had a brother who can gift a Mercedez Benz to you, right?

Gently opening the door, getting down from the car with his kid brother, the boy turned and told him “No. This is not what I am thinking.

I am not thinking that I should have a brother who would gift me the Mercedez Benz, instead, I am thinking, I will be the brother who will gift my small brother a Mercedez Benz in his lifetime, and the boy kept walking after saying this.

It took the man an eternally long time to grasp the depth of what he heard before he drove away.

If someone is born in a good family and is beneficiary of that family then they are entitled to it.

So one way of looking at life is to think of what did I inherit and another way is to find out what will I pass on after I go?

What you inherit is a providential consequence but what you will pass on is a matter of choice of how you decide to live your life here on.

Wishing you a future infinitely more fulfilling than your entire past.

Where it’s not about the greatness that you inherited but it is the greatness that you will pass on.

And let that be your mission and purpose in life.

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