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Multitasking - A Big Myth.

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

It's destroying you, find out how?

Why waste time doing just one task when you can complete two simultaneously? Right?

Watching TV or managing social media on our cell phones while eating fast food or having coffee is both trendy & Hardwired into our lives.

Well, research at the University of Michigan published in the “Journal of experimental psychology: human perception and performance" has something else to say. According to this study “Multitaskers have lower attention spans than those who prefer to complete one task at a time ". This research is also supported by Stanford University.

A study at the University of Sussex suggests that multitasking could even hinder brain functions. Students who went through an experiment have a lower grey-matter density in the brain. This means they have less cognitive control and were likely to suffer from a poor attention span.

“When we check our Facebook/Instagram feeds for 5 min, we waste 25 min, not just 5 min.” Gloria mark, researcher.

To know how much time we waste in 2 hr, just multiply the no. of times you get distracted by 23 min 15 sec as for every single time we get distracted it requires 23 min 15 sec to achieve your focus back. As per the research of Microsoft Corp., people lose their focus within 8 sec. Goldfish has 9-sec ability, it means Goldfish forgets about where is she going after 9sec.

If the above research data is enough for you to accept the danger of Multitasking then let us look at the solution part.

“Compare any successful man with a failure one and you will find that the difference is only concentration" Swami Vivekananda.

How multitasking actually harms you, is that it severely damages your ability to concentrate or focus on anything, the result of which is a disaster as you stay distracted, unfocused in almost everything you do. You lose the ability to work deeply upon something. Your creativity level is severely affected.

Practice makes the man perfect, a popular saying.

If the above statement is to be believed and if you practice Distraction over 80% of your day time then don’t you think you will become an expert in getting distracted? 

This is what Multitasking makes you. An expert in getting & staying Distracted most of the time.

The ideal solution to the above problem is to concentrate & focus, but the unfortunate part of concentrating or focusing is that we don't know-how. Though many times told by our parents & teachers to concentrate, we have never been trained in doing so.did you? It's the failure of our education system which never teaches life lessons like how to concentrate & remain focused. Let’s solve this problem to some extent lets first understand what concentration is?

Concentration is an ability to keep awareness on something for an extended period of time until one consciously shifts awareness of something else.

You next may ask as to how to develop concentration, the simplest and most effective method out of all available techniques is to give undivided attention to whatever you are doing & practicing this habit throughout the day with everything you do.

No matter which technique or method you practice to build concentration, they all have the same goal which is to make you attentive to everything you do.

If you search on the internet or dig into books you would find an ocean of tricks, techniques but trust me the simplest & most effective is the above one. just pay undivided attention to whatever you are doing.

You can start practicing it with simple daily habits like the feeling of taste, odor, and color of food while eating. think of its ingredients, feel the taste, and while eating don't do anything else.

Don't watch TV, phone, etc. while eating. Simply focus on food.

Likewise, you can also practice this habit by being attentive to whom you are talking to. Just give undivided attention to the one whom you are talking to. And this way you can practice this act of giving undivided attention to everything you do, and soon it will turn out to be your habit.

"Life is a manifestation of where you invest your energy."

If you lose patience while concentrating then remember, you have practiced distraction for several years so to remove such a strong habit you need to practice concentration a few months at least. So have patience.

Remember: To win you must play good moves and do so consistently.

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