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Updated: Sep 16, 2020

Considering the most prescribed 8 hrs of sleep a day an average person loses 1/3rd ( i.e. 33.33% )of his/her daily time while Sleeping. At this rate of sleep time, by the time we turn 30, we would have lost 10 years of our life, sleeping.

Well this data is for an average person, we all know when it comes to sleeping we tend to overachieve, so for a "normal person “ instead of 10 years, the number might rise to 15 years. Yes, when you would turn 30 years in age you would have spent HALF of your life sleeping!

You never waste your whole life all at once, you start by procrastinating for an hour which makes up a day soon turns into a year and you end up wasting a whole life.

Isn't the loss of this 1/3rd time of your life enough for you to stop procrastinating about important things & avoid being lazy? if you have realized what a huge loss it is, to correct and compensate, your next question would be how to overcome laziness.

The biggest reason behind a habit of procrastination which further leads to the habit of laziness is lack of purpose/goal in life. ask yourself if you love to do something and have a valid reason for doing it then would you want it to be postponed or preponed?

Preponed, right? 


So the first thing you must find is the purpose in life and next is to have enough motivation to achieve that purpose.

Remember: If it is important, you will do it.

"If you want to do something you will find a way if you don't, you will find an excuse."Jim Rohn.

It is these excuses that lead to the habit of procrastination and which finally ends up making you lazier. Laziness is a state of mind where we know what should be done but going against our wisdom we do things that give us instant happiness.

According to research, our mind prefers doing something which gives us instant pleasure and it doesn't like doing anything that may take a long time to reward. It's because of this tendency that our mind encourages and motivates us to do things like to sleep for some more time, to watch TV/phone, etc. because if you watch TV or use phone you get instant pleasure but when you plan to study, your mind tells you that results will be in long future and hence motivates you to avoid studying and such activities, etc.

Once you understand this modus operandi of your mind you can easily cheat it and get away from a habit of procrastination.

Eg: while studying, don't plan or think of completing a full chapter in one sitting instead plan to finish only 1 question at a time in a short span of 3-5 min.

This way after every question your brain will feel rewarding and pleasured and would motivate you to do further study rather than asking you to quit & check your phone.

Remember, the Mind needs instant pleasure and reward in whatever it is doing. So just employ a habit of getting instant reward and pleasure in whatever you do. Also, take a break/ have tea, coffee/check Facebook/Instagram after completion of a certain amount of questions or after a few hours of study. 

The ideal way of doing it is to use the Pomodoro technique. According to this technique, study for 25 min and then take 5 min break.this completes one cycle and 4 such cycles lead to one Pomodoro. After every Pomodoro, take a 20-30 min break.

Note: Breaks are the keys.

Along with this, you must also use Goldilock's principle which says set a target which is slightly tougher than your ability and try to achieve the target in 25 min.

For instance, if you can read 5 pages in 25 min then set a target of reading 6 pages and do it in 25 min. Setting targets like this makes it urgent and for urgent things mind never procrastinates.

"All change is hard at first, messy in the middle and gorgeous at the end." Robin Sharma.

I would leave you with a thought that if you have a talent like Virat Kohli, Ronaldo, Usain bolt, Mary Kom but you still end up your life like an average person just because you never did hard work to articulate your talent.

Would it be the end you deserve?

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