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I don't know — A poem on girls' mental dilemma.

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

Every girl will relate to it.

Audio recitation is available on youtube, Click here.

I don’t know

That was the dark night,

perhaps the darkest.

I took the short route,

perhaps the longest.

On the way back home,

unfortunately all alone.

Fear was at the peak,

or is there a word, peakest?

Had no choice but to walk along,

accompanied by any song.

Masked my face with no fear,

was acting my best, I swear.

Saw a man standing in a corner,

who looked at me like a vulture.

No doubt I started moving faster,

with no look at him, all that after.

Thank god, I reached home safe,

which I didn’t think of, for the way I was scared.

Calculating, all that could have happened,

slept somehow, thanking God, it hadn’t.

Woke up morning fully fresh,

some recollecting and refresh.

Having coffee started thinking,

what happened to what could have, linking.

He could have been a nice man,

or maybe he wasn’t.

Was he a potential rapist?

or perhaps he wasn’t?

I don’t know.

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