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Do "we" really choose?

Everything is prefixed. To click or not, is the only choice left for us.

Through a random call, if I tell you that you won a lottery worth a few lakhs and ask you to transfer 500rs in return, to enable that lottery amount, would you transfer it?

No, right?

Do you think anybody would transfer, any amount to such a random call?

In case you think only fools would transfer 500rs based on such dubious calls then here is real surprise news for you, 90 million dollars (650 crores approx in Indian currency) is the amount of fraud, done through email marketing and fake calls, by sending such fake lottery messages to many people.

Watch Jamtara | Official Trailer | Netflix, To get the real-life stories of people who got scammed by such fraud calls.

You will be shocked to know how illiterate people, from rural India, made many of the so-called educated class of society, lose their money by providing them the wrong pieces of information.

And if you think they fraud, uneducated and illiterate peoples, then you must know the fraud was done to many educated ranks of the country, few of whom are system engineers, entrepreneurs, copywriters, advertisers, producers, artists, etc.

You can watch the full episode of how they got cheated here.

Now if there are people who give their credit card OTP’s, confidential banking information to such random calls, Just think, How easy it would be, to fraud such peoples by giving them wrong or incomplete information in any other case.

How easily, they can be made to vote a particular politician, buy a particular product, or to support a particular ideology or to create/get involved in riots and mob lynching even, by just misleading them through wrong or fake information.

In fact, that’s the way they are actually lead to participating in mob lynching and riots.

Your thought process is just a click away to a particular advertisement, for the rest, they know it very well how to make you think and act accordingly, in a way they want.

Did you, yourself ever choose any criminal, to be representative of your area, cast, or community?

No right?

But arent they already representing most of us in our respective countries elected positions?

People often have this illusion that it’s they, who choose their representatives but they forget to understand that the very information, based upon which they are choosing a particular candidate, itself is provided by the same candidate.

If you rightly understand it, through proper planning you are being made to vote a particular candidate and you have the illusion that you are voting as per your choice and will.

BJP spent nearly 45% — or Rs 27,000 crore — of total expenditure for 2019 Lok Sabha polls:

“The Democrat’s don’t matter, the real opposition is the media. And the way to deal with them is to flood the zone with shit.” Steve Banon, Ex-Chief strategist White House. March 25, 2019.

I would insist you to reread the above statement. Nothing else can make you better understand, how you are being made to choose, the way they want. Remember above is the official statement by the ex-chief strategist of the white house. And the way the rest of the world follows the footsteps of the white house strategy, the statement says it all.

As per Newtonian mechanics, out of the action-reaction pair of forces, the government and media are the action part and we are left to play only the reaction part.

The irony is we are always made to choose, and that too out of available choices only. Looking at the way ad campaigns play with our minds, the option of not choosing is only fictional.

All the time whether we are buying anything or planning about anything, we think, we choose what we proceeded for. But is it true?

The choices left to choose from, are already someone else’s choice, then how come we even think of as it’s us who did make any choice.

Media is considered to be the 4th pillar of democracy.

As per the data of press freedom ranking 2020, out of 180 countries, the US media is on 45th, and Indian media is on 142nd.

Cobra post, an investigating media agency, did a sting operation where they offered money to mainstream media houses, to run propaganda on their channels, and guess what? All giant media houses agreed.

Video of all these sting operations is available here on youtube.

An Indian media giant republic Bharat has valued 1200 crores, and Arnab Goswami, owner of the channel holds an 85% share in the company.

These days, very often he can be seen advocating on nepotism, but when it came to his channel, instead of keeping any eligible candidate, he made his wife head of editors of the channel.

Unfortunate is, he still can convince people to believe what he says through his so-called news and journalism. The job of media is, to provide only information and that too without any bias or prejudice, but unfortunately, through any information, media is brainwashing you to understand, what they want.

Remember, Choosing is possible, only when all possible options are available.

But in general, we are selecting out of predecided options.

For example, in case you plan a trip to any country, which country would you choose?

A country that has done good branding, right? Now there might be a country better in many aspects than the one who has done good branding.

But only because that country has not advertised itself, you have no option to think about it. And it will surely not take place in your passport as you would certainly choose the one that you saw an advertisement for.

In politics also, maybe that there is a candidate, who is more honest and worthy than the one who is campaigning very high, but who do you think has better chances to attract your vote?

The one who has done great ad campaign right?

The candidate advertising himself on large scale has better chances to convince you, to vote for him than the one who is worthy but hasn’t campaigned high.

Even in today's digital world, if people vote for their caste, community, and religion, rather than voting on development then its because they have been brainwashed by the government through media, and we must accept (and most importantly acknowledge) that in doing so, their strategy is still working successfully.

And if you are in a hope that something will change then remember, whether it is a past government, present one or upcoming, they all manage media in the same way.

So the minimum we can do is, at least not to vote for candidates with criminal backgrounds.

Fraud calls, misleading information by media or criminal candidates in elections, whatever the case is, just try to be more alert than being only aware.

And lastly, remember to click or not to any ad campaign/advertisement, is the only choice left available for us, so click wisely.


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