Hi! I'm Sujeet Sir 

I'm the Founder of Breathe,

Life Coach & Yoga Instructor

Hello everyone !

this is Sujeet Gautam (Sujeet Sir).

I'm the founder of breathe,

Sujeet Sir Blogs.

In 15 years of a teaching career, I have taught more than 15,000 students, advised them academically as well as consoled their Personal issues. Since then I have held private sessions wherein helped people deal with various ins and outs of their life. I have held seminars at reputed institutions as a Keynote speaker. 

Explore Mindfulness With Me

Counselling and Psychological advice

for psychological counselling  you can  check my Instagram feed and youtube videos. link is given on contact page. i do take live sessions on instagram and youtube.​

you can watch my past dicourse which I have uploaded on youtube and Instagram and can follow my account to attend upcoming live sessions.


i do give public talk and career and counseling seminars at various public institutions and educational institutes too.

my talk genarally includes topics like career counselling, parenting, yoga and meditation etc.

to invite as public speaker you can contact me through contact page.

Corporate Training

i also advice and help people manging their finances and improve their business for which I also guide them with my corporate training programme.

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Breathe, Sujeet Sir Blogs

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